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Actor Ajith Car and Bike collection


Tamil actor Ajith kumar. who is popularly known for his passion to ride and Drive.Here folks have a look at some of his Cars and bikes.See Also : Thala Ajith Riding His New Hayabusa 1300

5 Ways to Reduce Noise in Diesel Cars


One of the biggest issues with diesel cars is their noise levels. Even the most refined diesel car is noisier than an average petrol car, and that’s something not all buyers are comfortable w...

Amazing Limo vs Train Crash - See what happened to Limozin


Amazing Limozin vs Train Crash See Also : How To Start and Run a Limousine Business SuccessfullyHow to wash your car without Water and ScratchWorld Top 10 Greatest Car Engines Ever Developed By A...

How to wash your car without Water and Scratch


5 Steps to wash your car without waterIf it's not practical to wash your car at home or you have water conservation restrictions in your area, a waterless car-wash product can get your car clean an...

12 Easy Tips To Increase Car Mileage


In the days ever rising fuel prices, the fuel bills are digging deep into the pockets of a common man. I’m going to share some practices which can get you more miles out of your fuel by incre...

Top 10 Safest Cars in India under Rs.10 Lakhs Budget


Safety is no longer a back-burner priority for new-car shoppers. Across most types of vehicle shoppers, it’s one of the top concerns.Many families, as we recommend, start their shopping proces...