Best book/resource for modern soccer tactics and strategy.

Having spent most of my years watching, following and studying football, I strongly recommend following for tactics/history/development of football:

Website: Football tactics, formations, diagrams, chalkboards and graphs:  (Micheal cox)


Inverting the Pyramid, Jonathan Wilson

The daddy of all football tactics books. Explains the development of formations and systems from the frenetic 1-2-7 shape used in early British football in the 19th Century, right through to the strikerless systems used in recent years by Roma and Manchester United.
Direct links: Buy Inverting the Pyramid at or (US) or

How to Score, Ken Bray
Takes a scientific approach to analysing football games
Direct links: Buy How to Score at or (US)

Teambuilding, Rinus Michels
One of the most legendary books about a football team, its style and its tactics.
Direct links: Buy Teambuilding at or (US)

Attacking Soccer, Massimo Lucchesi
A dream of a book for those interested in the theoretical concepts behind tactics and formations.
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or (US)

Soccer Modern Tactics, Alessandro Zauli
This should be one of the greatest books on football. It analyses formations and tactics and interviews some of the best coaches in the world including Carlo Ancelotti, Marcello Lippi, Arrigo Sacchi and talks to them specifically about their tactical outlook.
Direct links: Buy Soccer Modern Tactics at (US)

Football and Chess, Adam Wells
How many times has a cautious tactical battle been described by the commentators as something like ‘a game of chess’ between the two managers? This site treats almost every match and footballing situation like that, and this book outlines why.
Direct links: Buy Football and Chess at (US)

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