17 majestic mountains in the world

As the refrain goes, there are two types of people in the world: those who like mountains and those who prefer beaches.

Beach people are extroverts, while mountain people tend to be introverts, one study found. But whichever you are, there's no denying the beauty of these amazing mountains, as photographed by travelers.

For its April photography contest, Intrepid Travel asked travelers to submit photos of the wilderness, including national parks, jungles and mountains. The mountain shots they received, in particular, look amazing (check them out, below).

"We like to see nature the way nature intended: raw and rugged, wild and weathered, preserved and protected," Intrepid said in a blog post.

The winner was Genevieve Schneider, who took a stunning photo of Bachalpsee Lake in Switzerland.

  • China%20yuan%20yang%20sunrise%20by%20chee%20keong%20lim


    Sunrise in Honghe Prefecture in China's southeastern Yunnan province. The region is known for its rice-paddy terraces.

    Image: Chee Keong Lim

  • Canada%20berg%20lake%20by%20daniel%20shirking

    Berg Lake

    You'll find this lake in British Columbia, Canada, where the air is crisp and the water is crystal clear.

    Image: Daniel Shirking

  • Iceland%20landmannalaugar%20by%20maor%20akian


    This Iceland highland is rugged and beautiful.

    Image: Maor Akian

  • Indonesia%20mt%20bromo%20sunrise%20by%20rosie%20yound

    Mount Bromo

    Sunrise at Mount Bromo, an active volcano in Indonesia.

    Image: Rosie Yound

  • Indonesia%20surabaya%20mt%20bromo%20by%20pradeep%20raja

    Mount Bromo

    Another great photo of Mount Bromo.

    Image: Pradeep Raja

  • Indonesia%20mt%20rinjani%20in%20lombok%20by%20alister%20munro

    Mount Rinjani

    Mount Rinjani is another active volcano on the Indonesian island of Lombok.

    Image: Alister Munro

  • Argentina%20ushuaia%20mountains%20by%20chris%20richmond


    Argentina's Ushuaia is the southernmost tip of South America, which makes its nickname, "The End of the World," appropriate.

    Image: Chris Richmond

  • Japan%20mount%20fuji%20boat%20by%20felix%20cesare

    Mount Fuji

    Japan's Mount Fuji, seen from a distance.

    Image: Felix Cesare

  • Malaysia%20cameron%20highlands%20by%20mohamed%20aris

    Cameron Highlands

    Malaysia's Cameron Highlands are the size of Singapore -- all lush greenery and amazing landscapes.

    Image: Mohamed Aris

  • Nepal%20gusaikunda%20by%20marva%20biran


    Nepal was the source of many of the winning photographs. Gusaikunda is one area where visitors can go trekking.

    Image: Marva Biran

  • Nepal%20view%20of%20mt%20everest%20from%20gokyo%20ri%20by%20joseph%20buchman

    Mount Everest

    A view of the highest mountain in the world from Gokyo Ri, a peak in the Khumbu region of the Nepal Himalayas.

    Image: Joseph Buchman

  • Nepal-%20mustang%20region%20annapurna-circuit%20by%20anton%20malishev


    This is the Mustang region of the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.

    Image: Anton Malishev

  • Nepal%20annapurna%20base%20camp%20by%20andrew%20richards


    At Annapurna base camp in Nepal.

    Image: Andrew Richards

  • Nepal-manang-annapurna-circuit%20by%20anton%20malishev


    Also from the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, this is a view of Manang.

    Image: Anton Malishev

  • Peru-san-juan-de-chucchu-colca-canyon%20by%20ryan-tonegawa

    Colca Canyon

    Colca Canyon, at San Juan de Chucchu in Peru, is gorgeous.

    Image: Ryan-Tonegawa

  • Switzerland%20grindelwald%20hiking%20by%20genevieve%20schneider


    Naturally, Switzerland made the list of winners. The region's mountains are known worldwide.

    Image: Genevieve Schneider

  • Switzerland%20jungfrau%20train%20by%20samantha%20reid


    Another lovely photo from Switzerland.

    Image: Samantha Reid

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