10 Accessories to help you make the most of your smartphone

While the modern-day smartphones are in themselves all-inclusive, one often feels the need to have some additional accessories to either add to the existing features or to complement them. Here are some of the accessories that we think you should have to bring out the best in your smartphone (These accessories are apart from the usual ones that include earphones and phone covers).

1. Power bank: Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, a low-cost smartphone or a high-end device, power banks are a must-have smartphone accessory today. They prove to be life savers in situations when our phones run out of battery and there is no socket around to charge them. Such situations are common when you are travelling. These rechargeable handy backups come for a price starting for as low as Rs 200. The powerful the battery, the more devices you can charge. You can check our list of top ten power banks with over 10000mAh battery under Rs 1,500.

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2. Selfie stick: Most of you may not have felt its need so far, but it could be a handy tool, especially when you are travelling solo. Selfie sticks have mushroomed in the smartphone accessory market and taken it by storm. Whether you want to click a selfie, groupfie or take interesting shots from different angles, a selfie stick could be of some aid. It comes in different variants - with some of them even equipped with Bluetooth controls for easy operations. This pocket-friendly accessory is available for as low as Rs 200.

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3. Headphone splitter: Struggling to share the same headphones while listening to music is passé. This is where the headphone splitters enter. They let you and your friend listen to music at the same time on your respective personal headphones. Comfort, ease, hygiene guaranteed. This little accessory is available both on online sites and in retail shops. It comes in various designs and at different price points. Go for the one that you think would meet your needs. There is no point in spending a hefty sum of money on it.


4. USB OTG: Many phones come with support for USB OTG. If your phone includes this feature, you should get yourself a USB OTG cable. This will help you attach pen drives to your phone. Besides, there are many USB OTG pendrives with a micro-USB connector available in the market that can be directly plugged into your phone - without having to use any cable. Depending on your need and budget, you can either buy both or any one of them.

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5. Tiny Bluetooth speaker:Whether you are listening to music in your room or out with friends on a trip, a portable Bluetooth speaker could prove to be a true companion. Requiring no cables or wires to function, it offers you a hassle-free experience. There are many options available in the market with some of them too compact that they simply fit in your pocket. Priced at around Rs 850, the iBall Lil Bomb 70 is one of them. We have tested this tiny device. It is not only light in weight but also produces fairly loud sound. You can do your own research and finalise the one that manages to impress you.


6. Mobile phone holder Whether you drive a car or are an avid cyclist, a mobile phone holder is something that will add to your organised life. Aimed at giving you a hands-free experience, these holders are designed to mount on a flat surface, like a desk, dashboard, windscreen, or for that matter even a kitchen top, so you can continue with your work without having to constantly take out your phone or operate it with greasy hands. Just turn on the voice mode or connect your with a Bluetooth headset and you are good to go.

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7. Arm band: For gym-goers, swimmers, or other sports enthusiasts, arm bands serve as a great smartphone accessory. You can always stay connected while exercising without worrying about dropping your phone or getting it damaged underwater. For swimmers, there are a wide range of waterproof arm bands available.

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8. Bluetooth headset: Be it music or answering calls, a Bluetooth headset is a must-have for those who are always shuffling from one meeting room to the other or are used to travelling in choked public transports. Connect it with your smartphone and forget the hassle of taking out your phone every time you get a call.

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9. External flash: It could be a great accessory for smartphone photography in low-light conditions. These external flashes fit in your phone's 3.5mm port and offer great results. Earlier this year, Asus and Lenovo announced their external lighting accessories for smartphones. It was only last month when Asus announced its Rs 799 external flashlight named "Lolliflash" for the Indian market. Lenovo also released its VIBE Xtension Selfie Flash a couple of months ago. Besides the two, there are also other offerings available from different manufactuers. It is not a common accessory and you probably may not have seen anyone using it, but that shouldn't stop you from giving it a try.


10. External zoom lens: This is another great tool for mobile photographers. All you need to do is clip on the lens on your phone and allow your phone's basic camera to give out professional results. It is also available in the form of a back cover.


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