40 Fantastic ways to re-use your old Newspaper

When you’ve finished reading the newspaper, don’t throw it away – there are a multitude of uses for your old broadsheet or tabloid. Here are 40 fantastic ways to recycle yours.

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1.)  Cleaning windows

Using newspaper to clean windows works better than a cloth for preventing streaks. For even better results, use a vinegar-and-water solution instead of a chemical cleaner.

2.)  Shelf lining

Use old papers to line your cabinet, dresser, pantry or bathroom shelves. It's cheaper than shop-bought shelf liners, and they’re easy to put in and replace.

3.)  Cat litter box liners

Place sheets of paper in the bottom of your cat’s box. You’ll save on litter, and any odours and wetness will be absorbed.

4.)  Barbecue cleaner

Soak newspaper in water, lay the sheets over a warm barbecue grill, close the lid and leave for approximately an hour. Then, simply remove the paper and wipe the grill clean.

5.)  Packing material

Newspaper is a great substitute for bubble wrap. To pack a box with fragile contents, first wrap the items individually, and then fill any remaining space with crumpled paper.

6.)  Weed killer

If weeds are a problem in your garden, cover the flower beds with newspaper and soak them with water. Then cover the paper with compost or mulch – eventually the paper will smother the weeds, and the organic matter will help your garden flourish.

7.)  Origami sculptures

Get creative – there are a myriad of shapes into which you can fold your paper – hats, boats, baskets, boxes… the list is endless.

8.)  Paper mache

Keep your kids entertained with this fun craft activity, which uses newspaper and glue to make whatever you can think of.

9.)  Picture frames

Framed photos make great gifts – even more so if the frame is handmade. Find out how to make a picture frame from newspaper.

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10.)  Fire starter

Use strips of old newspaper to start a bonfire, charcoal grill or camp fire.

11.)  Shape keeper

Ensure that your shoes and bags maintain their shape by stuffing them with crumpled newspaper after use.

12.)  Fruit and vegetable drawer liner

Place sheets of newspaper at the bottom of the fruit and vegetable drawer in your fridge. They will absorb any mess from rotten produce, and will also keep the drawer free from odours.

13.)  Ripen tomatoes

Wrap green tomatoes in sheets of newspaper, layer them in a box and put a lid on top – they will eventually ripen up to a lovely red colour.

14.)  Stain protection

When using stain-prone products such as paint or shoe polish, place newspaper down before you start to prevent soiling your carpet or furniture

15.)  Car floor covers

Lay folded newspaper on the floor of your vehicle – it will absorb water and help keep dirt off the carpet.

16.)  Fireplace logs

Roll up newspaper and tie it tightly with string. You can then use them in your fireplace as makeshift logs, saving on wood.

17.)  Camping aid

Put several sheets of newspaper underneath your sleeping bag when you go camping – it will keep your bag dry, free from dirt and grass stains, and will provide a warm padding.

18.)  Table padding

Lay newspaper underneath a table cloth on your kitchen or dining room table. It’s an excellent replacement for expensive padding, and will help protect your table from spills and other damage.

19.)  Shoe and boot mat

Place a folded up newspaper beside the door and keep wet and muddy footwear on it to prevent staining the carpet.

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20.)  Makeshift Umbrella

Don’t get caught in the rain – use a newspaper to protect yourself until you reach shelter.

21.)  Shoe deodoriser

Crumple up balls of newspaper and stuff them into smelly shoes. Leave overnight and discard – and any odours will have disappeared.

22.)  Gift wrapping

Wrap birthday gifts with old newspaper. If you have time, you can even cut thin strips to make a bow to top it all off.

23.)  Book covers

Newspaper works just as well as shop-bought covers. To tell the books apart once they’re covered, use a section of the paper that mirrors the subject of the book.

24.)  Disposable table cloths

The benefits of this are twofold: the newspaper keeps your table spotless, and it also makes cleaning up a doddle – all you have to do is fold it up and recycle it.

25.)  Cheap rags

Replace rags with old newspaper when cleaning paint brushes, removing oil stains and mopping up petrol spills.

26.)  Storing fruit

Wrapping apples in old newspaper somewhere dry will keep them from rotting.

27.)  Draught proofing

Use folded up newspaper to plug any gaps in your windows or doors and cut your heating bills.

28.)  Windscreen cover

Lay newspaper across your car windscreen during winter to protect it from frost.

29.)  Carpet underlining

If you have a foam-backed carpet, lay newspaper down on the floor underneath it. This will help protect the carpet, and will also stop it sliding.

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30.)  Protect outdoor plants

If a cold snap is coming, cover outdoor plants with sheets of newspaper, and secure to plant stems with clothes pins. This only works if the weather is dry.

31.)  Clearing up broken glass

First, pick up and dispose of the larger pieces. Then, carefully blot the surrounding area with a few sheets of wet newspaper – the shards of glass will stick to damp wad.

32.)  Seedling pot

Layer several sheets of paper on top of each other and shape them into a makeshift container for germinating seedlings.

33.)  Oven cleaner

Don’t waste paper towels on cleaning up any residue in your oven – mop it up with a few sheets of moistened, crumpled newspaper.

34.)  Unscrewing a broken light bulb

Use a wad of newspaper to unscrew a hot light bulb and prevent burning your fingers.

35.)  Compost material

Add moderate amounts of wet, shredded newspaper to your compost heap and give earthworms a tasty treat.

36.)  Insect traps

If your garden is under siege from earwigs, dispose of them by making your own environmentally-friendly traps. Simply roll up a wet newspaper, tie it with a rubber band, and leave in the infested area overnight. By morning the bugs will have gone.

37.)  Car wheel traction

Keep a stack of newspapers in the boot of your car during the winter months to prevent getting stuck on a patch of ice or slush. Placing a wad under each rear wheel will help get your car back on the road.

38.)  Cobweb remover

Simply roll the newspaper, secure in the middle with an elastic band, cut strips on one end and then use to get rid of cobwebs.

39.)  Removing musty odours

Crumple newspaper and place in a suitcase for a couple of weeks to remove stale smells.

40.)  Knee pad

Use old newspaper as a knee pad when gardening or scrubbing floors.

Source : www.foe.co.uk

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