How to Improve Mileage on Your Motorcycle

Poor mileage can be due to various causes but often it leaves most riders flummoxed with many often not being able to sort out the issue in a scientific and a step by step manner. I will now list out a step by step procedure to find out the cause and sort it out. If this method is followed methodically, the culprits of low fuel efficiency can be pin pointed and sorted out.

1. Make sure that the petrol pump you fill fuel in dispenses the correct quantity of fuel and does not cheat you. Many a time, this is a principal cause of people complaining of poor mileage as the petrol filled is lesser than what the bunk indicates. Also, it is advisable to fill fuel from a reputed fuel pump.

2. Check your fuel tank for any minute leaks. In my Yamaha YBX, I suffered poor mileage due to a very small hairline crack on the fuel tank’s underside from which fuel used to drip drop by drop and cause poor mileage. While at it, make sure that there is no debris/particles in your fuel tank that may find it’s way into fuel lines/carburetor.

3. The carburetor needs to be cleaned and serviced as dust or dirty fuel could clog the jets and the float bowl needle, resulting in the carburetor not metering fuel optimally. If you own a fuel injected motorcycle, you may also get the injectors cleaned as this is the most likely suspect for low mileage and jerky performance in a fuel injected motorcycle.

4. Check for any minute leak in the fuel lines. Also make sure that the motorcycle is serviced regularly with the prescribed oil changes adhered to, to ensure that the engine is tuned optimally with valve clearances set and the spark plug cleaned/replaced. Also get a compression check done to see whether the engine is in a good condition as worn out piston rings/piston could result in poor mileage also.

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Also, valve clearances should be at manufactured recommended levels. A prime culprit for poor mileage often is a clogged air filter. A clogged air filter means that the engine will get lesser air making the air fuel mixture going awry with the engine running richer than required. This will affect fuel economy adversely and will also cause carbon build up in the engine head resulting in poor combustion.

The clutch plate also needs to be in good condition as otherwise, you will have to rev the engine more or the same power, resulting in fuel consumption going up. Also, the chain should not be loose and the air pressure in both the tyres should be set to manufacturer suggested pressures. Also, the wheel bearings should be in good condition to prevent excessive drag.

Also check whether the brakes, both the front and rear are not binding. Binding brakes might cause the engine to work harder to move the bike, resulting in fuel consumption going high. Now that we’ve covered almost all the reasons that can cause poor mileage. The only other cause for poor mileage will be the rider.

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Ensure that you follow the prescribed gear change speeds as given in your Honda user manual for optimum mileage. Also, do not rev the engine unnecessarily. Also, make sure that you don’t rev the engine excessively during cold start. Make sure your ride easy for the first 400 metres. This goes a long way in minimizing engine wear and thus low mileage as maximum engine wear occurs during cold starts.

Turn off the engine if you have to idle at traffic signals or any other stationary position for more than a minute. Minimize usage of clutch and brake and try to coast in the gear rather than pulling the clutch in while decelerating. This will reduce brake usage and clutch usage massively, thus impacting fuel efficiency positively. Also, many riders tend to ride the clutch and often unconsciously depress the brakes while riding. You must make sure you don’t do that. Thus, Polishing up your riding skills will go a long way to give you better mileage.

ICB would love to hear from you. Do let us know whether these steps have worked in increasing your mileage through the comments section below. Happy Riding

by Jay Prashanth,

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