Hidden Facts & Features of FIGO

Some hidden facts of FIGO

1. The Brake disks/drums are larger on the Titanium.

2. The low fuel warning lights come "on" with some chimes when the DTE shows 80km.

3. The in dash lights have theater dimming when turned on/off.

4. The lights on the music system and the ODO/Trip/DTE display dims when you turn on the headlights.

5. Most owners find the horn hard to press on the Titanium Variant.

6. The rear bumper is not perfectly aligned on most cars. Similarly the gap between the boot and the rear lights/body are different on left and right sides on most cars.

7. Both side power window switch has a back-light.

8. Even when the ignition key is not inserted you can play the music system. It turns off automatically after an hour when played like this.

9. If the headlights are in "on" position and you turn off the engine only the park lights would stay "on".

10. If you open the door when park lights are "on" you would be notified with some chimes.

11. On Diesels Idle for at-least 30 seconds before starting to drive and before stoping the engine. Its good for the life of the turbo.

12. On Diesels Touch 3K rpm once in a week and maintain it for around 30 seconds. It keeps the exhaust system clean.

13. The rear light console has a few chambers with no bulb.

14. When the car is locked press the lock button on the key twice to make the indicator flash 4 times. Good to identify your car when parked in crowded car parking areas.

15. To open the boot you need to press the button on the key twice. ( I thought this is a defect).

16. The key can be programmed to open all four doors or just the drivers door.

17. All four doors auto lock once the car crosses a speed of 7km/hr. Open the lock on all or one door and the next time you cross 7km/hr speed the doors auto lock again.

18. After a water spray wiping with the wipers they automatically come back "on" after 3 seconds to wiper off the dripping water.

19. The door open lights come on only after the engine is started.

20. Ford has used the steering rod cover from the Fiesta and hence dont get scared when you find a vacant space (hole) where the steering adjustment knob is supposed to be.

21. A Red light would keep blinking on the dash once you turn off the car. Its Ford's Passive Anti Theft System (PATS) at work.

22. You can also time your wiper.

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